AB1810 Non-commercial seed sharing protected

  A victory for seed sovereignty:  AB 1810 passes with help from OAEC OAEC’s Dave Henson and Cooper Freeman along with a group of partner organizations – Sustainable Economies Law Center, California Alliance with Family Farmers, Pesticide Action Network, California Climate Action Network, Slow Food CA, and the California Guild – have succeeded in exempting from […]

Seed Swappin’

One of the goals of our Mother Garden Biodiversity & Nursery program is to conserve agricultural biodiversity and share it with the broader public through seed saving and Plant Sales. At the seed exchanges we host each year (such as at the Ecological Farming Conference or the Sebastopol Grange), OAEC gives away over 100 pounds of seed and […]

Former School Garden Program Director to Teach 2016 Teacher Trainings

We’re thrilled to announce that OAEC’s former School Gardens Program Director Tina Poles will be leading our two flagship School Garden Teacher Trainings this year. Tina has been working in the school garden movement since 1984. As the Director of the School Garden Program at OAEC (now called the Resilient Schools Program), she was able to […]