Blue Anise Sage

Salvia guaranitica

This massive sage begins to bloom in mid- to late Summer and continues until the first frost. Has conspicuous, large, deep azure-blue flowers with dark green, sometimes almost black, calyces. The nectar-producing blossoms are very attractive to hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies. Deer seem to avoid it. We’ve found that this is one of the best edible sage flowers with a sweet/bitter taste reminiscent of grapefruit rind!

Water: Moderate

Hardiness: Frost Hardy

Habit: Bushy subshrub to 8' tall and 10' wide

Light: Full Sun to Partial Shade

Soil: Fertile, well-draining soil

Origin: Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Northeastern Argentina where it’s leaves purportedly were used by the Guarani Indians of Brazil as a sedative

Additional Characteristics: Deer Resistant

Blue Anise Sage