Coastal Mugwort

Artemisia suksdorfii

This native fragrant sagebrush can be found growing wild in our Sonoma Coast area and is a wonderful drought tolerant plant to invite into the low-water edges of your garden and landscapes. Folk herbalists value mugwort as a dream enhancer by putting a sachet of aromatic leaves under the pillow. In addition to its medicinal and spiritual uses, it attracts butterflies and is useful in restoration plantings to prevent erosion of streambanks. The leaves are slightly more felted and deeply lobed than A. douglasiana.

Water: Dry, Drought Tolerant

Hardiness: Frost Hardy

Habit: 1 to 3" tall herbaceous perennial, with aromatic lobed silvery leaves and dense spikes of late Summer blooms

Light: Full Sun

Soil: Can thrive in almost any type of soil

Origin: Found growing wild in coastal creekbeds and drainage ditches all along the West coast, from Canada to Baja

Coastal Mugwort