Elixer Of The Sun

Heimia salicifolia

Also known as “sinicuichi” or “sun opener,” this is one of several sacred plants featured on Xochipilli – a sixteenth century statue of the Aztec Prince of Flowers. Modern accounts describe the effects felt from drinking the fermented tea as “pleasant euphoria.” One of the most remarkable effects that has been reported is a greater clarity of thought, and the ability to clearly remember events from early childhood. Others have reported recollections of events that transpired before they were born, while in their mother’s womb.

Water: Moist

Hardiness: Frost Tender

Habit: Perennial herbaceous shrub up to 10' tall by 20' wide

Light: Hot, sunny, tropical, no shade

Soil: Sandy loam or clay, but must have good drainage

Origin: Americas

Elixer Of The Sun