Savory of Crete

Satureja thymbra

Savory of Crete is one of our most favorite recent culinary discoveries and beneficial insect attractors. It is a handsome upright plant, but unlike the other savories it has pink to purple flowers! In Lebanon it is still used as a medicinal herbal tea. In ancient times, Savory of Crete was used as a spice in Anatolia and Greece, and also to aid against digestive problems when concocted into a tea. In Israel it has protected status, making it a criminal offence to harvest it.

Water: Dry, Drought Tolerant

Hardiness: Frost Hardy

Habit: Perennial-green plant to 16” tall

Light: Full Sun

Soil: Prefers a dry, warm, rocky exposure, likes limestone and chalky soils

Origin: Libya, Southeastern Europe from Sardinia to Turkey, Cyprus, Lebanon, Israel, and Palestine

Savory of Crete