Shungiku/Edible Chrysanthemum

Glebionis coronaria

One of the most beloved plants in the OAEC Mother Garden, we make sure to have it growing somewhere in the gardens at all times! Sometimes called garland chrysanthemum, shungiku is noted for its generous display of festive two-tone yellow daisies atop erect sturdy stems. Its leaves are a favorite salad green all year round, but are especially sweet and tasty in the cooler months. Flowers can be pulled apart and strewn as garnish, on salads, or in herbal teas. The multiple side-shoots can be harvested at 8 to 10″ lengths and stir-fried with garlic, toasted sesame seeds, and a little tamari for an absolutely delicious and revelatory saut√© green!

Water: Moderate

Hardiness: Frost Hardy


Habit: Upright columnar annual or short-lived perennial grows to 5' tall and 18" wide

Light: Full Sun to Partial Shade

Soil: Prefers well-amended rich soil but can tolerate poorer soils as well

Origin: Mediterranean

Shungiku/Edible Chrysanthemum