White Savory

Micromeria fruiticosa

The lemony mint-tasting leaves, buds, and flowers of white hyssop are edible and used commonly in the Middle East for teas, poultices, infusions, and gargles. It is used medicinally for various kinds of inflammation. Butterflies and bees love it! Plant to attract pollinators to the vegetable garden or as a patio plant for the fragrance the leaves give off as you brush by. The silver foliage works as an accent in your garden and it has an extremely long blooming period-from late Spring to early Winter!

Water: Drought Tolerant

Hardiness: Frost Hardy

Habit: Dwarf evergreen shrub up to 18 to 24” tall that can be pruned easily to keep it small, makes a great container plant and good for small gardens

Light: This plant can handle any amount of sun or shade

Soil: Most soil types

Origin: Israel and the Eastern Mediterranean

Additional Characteristics: Edible Flower

White Savory