Wood Betony

Stachys officinalis

Wood betony was planted in churchyards in the Middle Ages to prevent activity by ghosts. A Welsh charm prescribes: “To prevent dreaming, take the leaves of betony and hang them about your neck upon going to bed.” The plant was commonly grown in physic gardens of apothecaries and monasteries for medicinal purposes and continues in use today by modern Western herbalists for a wide variety of ailments, including relieving tension headaches and inflammatory digestive conditions. Betony produces multiple spikes of violet-colored flowers in the Spring. Deer tolerant.

Water: Evenly moist, though established plants have some drought tolerance

Hardiness: Frost Hardy


Habit: Herbaceous perennial to 2' tall

Light: Full sun but appreciates some light afternoon shade in hot Summer zones

Soil: Well-draining soil

Origin: Europe and Asia

Additional Characteristics: Deer Resistant

Wood Betony