Yerba Buena

Clinopodium douglasii

Spanish for “good herb,” this plant was so abundant in San Francisco when the Spanish settlers arrived that they called the town Yerba Buena. Makes a good groundcover that isn’t aggressive and looks great in rock gardens. Usually grows as an understory plant associated with oaks, bay trees, and madrones. Makes a superb minty tea!

Water: Can survive with no summer water, but will look best with some summer water or fog exposure

Hardiness: Frost Hardy

Habit: A flat, creeping perennial that spreads to 3' wide, but can easily be kept at 1' wide

Light: Prefers shade, but tolerates full sun in cool-summer climates

Soil: Tolerates sand and clay soils

Origin: Woodlands near the coast from Los Angeles to British Columbia

Yerba Buena