Rubus ursinus x idaeus

A flavourful berry with an air of mystique, given the body of lore surrounding its uncertain origins. This large, juicy variety of fruiting bramble crossed possibly with raspberry, loganberry, or something else, along with several other varieties of blackberries, was claimed to have been bred by Rudolph Boysen in 1923, but may have even originated as a seedling developed by Luther Burbank. Walter Knott named it for its only semi-certain originator and began selling it at his roadside stand, where due to its showstopping nature, it became the mascot around which an entire themed franchise was built. The epitome of unique, this boysenberry has wound its mythical way to OAEC, and we’d be happy if you found it going home to your garden too!

Water: Needs even moisture, do not over or under water

Hardiness: Frost Hardy

Habit: 4 to 5' wide and needs support (eg. wire trellis) for easy harvesting

Light: Full Sun

Soil: Fertile, well-draining soil

Origin: Cultivar from California