Giant Turkish Plantain

Plantago major

Plantago major is one of the most abundant and widely distributed medicinal crops in the world, and this species is the largest plantain known. Western folk herbalism uses a poultice of the leaves applied to minor wounds, stings, and splinters to promote a drawing action. Turkish plantain is also a very nutritious leaf vegetable that is high in Calcium and Vitamins A, C, and K. The young, tender leaves can be eaten raw in salads, and the older, stringier leaves can be boiled in stews.

Water: Moderate

Hardiness: Frost Hardy

Habit: An herbaceous perennial with a basal rosette of 6” wide leaves, and flower stalks up to 3' tall

Light: Full Sun to Shade

Soil: Adaptable

Origin: Most of Europe and Northern and Central Asia

Giant Turkish Plantain