Yellow Bells Bush

Tecoma stans

Also called yellow elder or yellow cedar, trumpetflower, and even esperanza (“hope”), Tecoma stans is the official flower of the United States Virgin Islands. The yellow waves of flowers evoke the cool vibes of a tropical breeze and emanate the warm glow of a Caribbean sunset. Its light scent and brilliant color will liven up your garden by attracting bees and hummingbirds. Its low water needs also make it a great drought tolerant option.

Water: Moderate, Drought Tolerant

Hardiness: Frost Hardy

Habit: Can grow up to 25' tall and 20' wide, but can be pruned to be kept much smaller

Light: Full Sun

Soil: All types of well-draining soil

Origin: A wide natural range from the Southwestern United States through Central America, and into South America as far South as Argentina. Also found throughout the Caribbean and Southern Florida.

Yellow Bells Bush