Caucasian Spinach

Hablitzia tamnoides

A beautiful, ornamental climbing vine with abundant, small white flowers and nicely shaped leaves. It is a woodland climber from the Caucasus region that in recent years has become one of the most sought-after vegetables among European permaculturalists and enthusiasts of forest gardening. Until just a few years ago it was a rather obscure plant grown by a few botanical gardens in Europe, but now is becoming one of the most productive and tasty vegetables known. This plant was originally introduced to gardens in Finland, Sweden, and Norway as an attractive climber around 1870.

Water: Consistently moist

Hardiness: Very Frost Hardy

Habit: Edible, long-lived, herbaceous, perennial vine, climbing to 9' tall

Light: Shade lover

Soil: Dry, deciduous or mixed woods and forests, amongst rocks, in ravines and along rivers

Origin: Caucasus region

Caucasian Spinach