Mormon Tea

Ephedra nevadensis

Mormon tea is a small leafless shrub that flowers with inconspicuous flowers in Spring followed by odd red fruits in the Summer. There are many species of Ephedra in the Southwest deserts, but all make a tasty, energizing tea with an effect similar to coffee. Mormons and non-Mormans alike have been known to become Mormon tea addicts!

Water: Drought Tolerant

Hardiness: Frost Hardy


Habit: Perennial shrub to 4' tall

Light: Full Sun, cannot grow in shade

Soil: Does well in good garden loam, but will tolerate poor loose rocky or sandy soil

Origin: Dry areas of Western North America, its range extends West to California and Oregon, East to Texas, and South to Baja California, including areas of the Great Basin, Colorado plateau, and deserts of the Southwest

Additional Characteristics: California Native

Mormon Tea