Austrailian Lemon Leaf

Plectranthus 'Mt. Carbine

Lemon leaf is a recent botanical discovery found in Queensland that has not been given a species name yet! Leaves emit a potent lemon-camphor fragrance that add zing when chopped fresh into fruit salads or infused into herbal tea. Produces spires of small baby blue mint-like tubular flowers. Related to Cuban oregano, lemon leaf is a collector’s item that makes a striking container specimen and will surely attract attention.

Water: Moist but can tolerate dryness

Hardiness: Can tolerate light frost, but in our area best as a greenhouse plant or brought inside in the Winter


Habit: Handsome low growing shrub to 3 to 4' tall and 5 to 6' wide

Light: Partial to Deep Shade

Soil: Well-draining

Origin: Queensland, Australia

Austrailian Lemon Leaf